Insect Eaters

Brown Treecreeper

Eucalyptus forests from Cape York to southern Victoria and eastern South Australia are home to an early breeder, the Brown Treecreeper, Climacteris picumnus. Brown Treecreepers live in large groups, with eight to 12 birds sharing a territory of one to 10 hectares. They prefer open forests and woodlands and stay in the same area all year round. Each year, the male offspring of the breeding pair stay on to help raise the next ge…

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Rainbow Bee-eater

The Rainbow Bee-eater is found all across Australia in open forests, woodlands and shrub lands, and in cleared areas, often near water. If you live in northern Australia, you can see Rainbow Bee-eaters all year round as they stay as long as the weather is warm. Southern bee-eaters head north during winter in search of the sun. Unlike most other birds, Bee-eaters build their nests underground. When a Bee-eater finds a good sand…

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Tawny Frogmouth

The Tawny Frogmouth lives on a diet of insects and feeds through the warmer months before winter, when many insects hibernate. A frogmouth might look like an owl at first sight, but it is an entirely different kind of bird. They live all over Australia in every type of habitat. Frogmouths have wide, flat beaks, while that of an owl is narrow and more hooked. Owls have strong feet with powerful talons, while the feet of Tawny F…

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