Wherever you are in Australia, you will definitely have seen this little creature in your garden or even in your house (or honey jar). Ants live all over Australia in every single kind of environment. That is because there are so many types of ants - over 1,200 known species in Australia and over 15,000 worldwide. Many kinds of ants love rainforest areas, but ants are also found in the most arid deserts and even underwater. An…

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Blue Ants

Have you ever seen a really, really big ant? Have you ever spotted a blue one? Or one that sticks its bum in the air when it walks? It is most likely a Blue Ant. The Blue Ant grows up to 2.5 cm long but there is a secret to its massive growth... it's actually a wasp. They live in Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. The male Blue Ant has a darker body with white spots on his abdomen. Males are smaller, only…

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As the weather warms up in spring and summer, termites commence their social swarming. In order to create social swarms, the colony emerges from being underground after at least three years. Flying termites are at their reproductive stage and are short lived. A swarm can be quite a sight, one minute it's clear outside and the next you may think that a part of the sky has greyed as the sheer mass of a swarm can be truly spectac…

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